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W-OKTA is the largest Korean global business network.  In order to promote Korea’s trading industry, the World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Association was established in 1981. Under the guidance of the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Engery and with the support of Korea Trade- Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), W-OKTA has been working across the globe, and aims to enhance the economic development and prosperity of Korea as well as 50 plus global economies across the globe.


  • Promote trading with Korea;
  • Contribute to the introduction of local products to foreign markets;
  • Attain mutual benefits by sharing useful information among members;
  • Formation of an economic network among overseas Koreans worldwide.


  • Provide exclusive access to both the members of Toronto OKTA and the members of World-OKTA’s 137+ chapters in 81 countries, in order to help Toronto OKTA members and Trade School graduates with their journey towards economic, social, and personal success.
  • Strengthen and foster local start-ups and entrepreneurs through global connections


  • Educate the younger generations, to help them build a concrete business foundation, and to apply those skills to their own industries.
  • Learn from experienced and successful entrepreneurs, who provide mentorship, advice, and hands-on experience.


  • Promote awareness of the Korean heritage, language, and customs.
  • Create a cultural bridge between Canada and South Korea’s growing economic markets
  • Teach the next generation of entrepreneurs different cultural business practices to effectively conduct business worldwide.